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Tyrannosaurus Rex

"Of my love
Will burn thee to a wizened word
For ere to go unheard

15 Best Tyrannosaurus Rex Songs:
1)   Catblack (The Wizard's Hat)
2)   Iscariot
3)   The Sea Beasts
4)   She Was Born To Be My Unicorn
5)   Chariots of Silk
6)   The Seal of Seasons
7)   The Misty Coast of Albany
8)   Warlord of the Royal Crocodiles
9)   Like A White Star Tangled And Far, That's What You Are
10) Ninjinky Hind
11) A Daye Laye
12) Hippy Gumbo
13) Salamanda Palaganda
14) Dwarfish Trumpet Blues
15) Elemental Child

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