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Guided By Voices
(This page is courtesy of Mike Bryant)

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Top 20 Guided By Voices Songs
1)   "Exit Flagger"
2)   "Tractor Rape Chain"
3)   "Game of Pricks"
4)   "Motor Away"
5)   "My Valuable Hunting Knife"
6)   "A Good Flying Bird"
7)   "Echos Myron"
8)   "I Am a Scientist"
9)   "Gold Star for Robot Boy"
10)  "Drinker's Peace"
11)  "Underwater Explosions"
12)  "Chasing Heather Crazy"
13)  "Quality of Armor"
14)  "Girls of Wild Strawberries"
15)  "Queen of Cans and Jars"
16)  "Cut-Out Witch"
17)  "Streetkickers"
18)  "Everywhere With Helicopter"
19)  "The Best of Jill Hives"
20)  "Christian Animation Torch Carriers"
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