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Jason's All Time Top 10 Favorite Albums

These are my current All Time Top 10 Favorite Albums...
Note:  These are not the albums I consider to be the "Best" ever recorded.  These are the albums that resonate the most with my thinking at the time.  For example... I think Revolver is easily one of the "best" albums ever made, but it wouldn't make my top 10 "favorites" list.

1)  The Kinks—The Kinks Are the Village Green Preservation Society

2)  Marc Bolan—Unicorn

3)  Bob Dylan—Blood on the Tracks

4)  The Beatles—The Beatles

5)  Radiohead—Kid A

6)  Roy Harper—Stormcock

7)  Nick Drake—Pink Moon

8)  George Harrison—All Things Must Pass

9)  Bruce Springsteen—The Rising

10)  Van Morrison—Moondance


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