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Explanation of the Ratings

The Rankings are based on a
Ten Point Scale, broken down as follows...
Note: The albums are put in order
of best to worst in each respective category.
Absolutely Essential in Every Way.  This Is An Album That You Should Not Go Through Life Without Hearing Quite A Few Times.  Go Out And Buy It Right Now!
Tyrannosaurus Rex, Unicorn
Roy Harper, Stormcock
Radiohead, Kid A
Radiohead, OK Computer
An Album That Is Just Flat Out Great To Listen To.  A Masterpiece By An Artist Or Band At Their Peak.
Fiona Apple, When the Pawn...
Jerry Garica, Jerry Garcia
Ronnie Lane, Anymore For Anymore
Violent Femmes, Hallow Ground
An Excellent Album...Easily Enjoyed, Extremely Consistent And You Should Own It.  
Violent Femmes, Violent Femmes
T. Rex, T. Rex
The Grateful Dead, American Beauty
Roy Harper, Valentine
Roy Harper, Bullinamingvase
An Album That Might Have One Or Two Less Than Great Songs, But Overall Consists Of Amazingly High Quality Material.  
The Grateful Dead, Workingman's Dead
Captian Beyond, Captian Beyond
The Monks, Black Monk Time
John Paul Jones, Zooma
Roy Harper, HQ
Tyrannosaurus Rex, A Beard of Stars
Jerry Garcia, Cats Under the Stars
An Excellent Album, Particularly If You Like The Genre.  Every Song Might Not Be A Highlight, But Most Are. 
Radiohead, Amnesiac
Radiohead, The Bends
The Grateful Dead, Wake of the Flood
John Paul Jones, Thunderthief
The Grateful Dead, Terrapin Station
The Grateful Dead, In the Dark
Jackson C. Frank, Jackson C. Frank
Tyrannosaurus Rex, Prophrts, Seers, & Sages
Roy Harper, Once
The Grateful Dead, Infrared Roses
A Very Good Album That Has Some Filler On It, But Still Is A More Than Worthy Purchase.
T. Rex, The Slider
The Grateful Dead, Blues For Allah
The Grateful Dead, From the Mars Hotel
Fiona Apple, Tidal
A Good Album Only Really For Fans Of The Artist Or Genre.  The General Puplic Might Find One Or Two Songs Highly Enjoyable.
The Grateful Dead, Anthem of the Sun
Captain Beyond, Sufficiently Breathless
Roy Harper, Lifemask
Jerry Garcia, Reflections
Tyrannosaurus Rex, My People Were Fair...
Tyrannosaurus Rex, The Beginning of Doves
Jerry Garcia, Run For the Roses
Roy Harper, Unknown Soldier
An Almost Good Album.  There Are Some Strong Songs Here, But Overall, The Filler Material Is Starting To Be A Little Too Much.
The Grateful Dead, The Grateful Dead
Really Only For Completists.  This Is An Album That Might Have A Few Quality Songs, But Really Is Just A Slightly Above Average  Overall.  
The Grateful Dead, Shakedown Street
The Grateful Dead, Go to Heaven
The Grateful Dead, Aoxomoxoa
The Grateful Dead, Dylan and the Dead
An Average Album With Maybe One Or Two Decent Songs.  There Is Way More Filler Than Quality Material Though.
Roy Harper, Folkjokeopus
Roy Harper, Born in Captivity
A Below Average Album.
Radiohead, Pablo Honey
Most Of The Album Is Pretty Bad, With Even The Better Songs Still Being Below Average.
This Album Is So Bad It Is Boring...There Might Be One Or Two Tolerable Songs On It, But You Will Be Mad You Bought It.
The Grateful Dead, Built to Last
This Album Sucks.  You Should Be Mad You Heard About It, Let Alone Listened To It.
Roy Harper, Work of Heart
A Throwaway Album.
Why God Why?
Nothing Could Be This Bad
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