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"He who didn't know who didn't know he didn't know,
became the he who didn't know who knew he didn't know, and he became the he who knew who didn't know he knew,
who finally became the he who knew who knew he knew."
20 Best Moondog Songs:
1)   Pastoral
2)   Maybe
3)   Sparrow
4)   All Is Loneliness
5)   Do Your Thing!
6)   Good For Goodie
7)   Stomping Ground
8)   Surf Session      
9)   "Bird's Lament" 
10) Moondog Monologue   
11) Up Broadway 
12) Some Trust All  
13) Aska Me
14) Frog Bog 
15) Minisym #1
16) Witch Of Endor
17) Behold
18) Down Is Up
19) What's The Most Exciting Thing
20) You The Vandal
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