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Yesterday and Today (Butcher Cover)
Released: 1966

It was still customary for EMI and Capitol to release different versions popular UK records to the US in 1966.  In doing so, they would leave off certain songs from the previous albums and then make a whole other album of the left out songs so they could get more money from the public.  In this case EMI created Yesterday and Today” by taking songs from “Rubber Soul,” “Help!” and “Revolver” (which hadn’t been released in America yet) that had previosuly been left off the American releases of these albums. 



1)      Paul is holding the head of one of the dolls in his lap showing that he was decapitated.

2)      Paul’s face looks strange.  His teeth are messed up and he looks to be starting a beard perhaps trying to start his disguise. 

3)      The watch on his arm supposedly reads 5:00 (supposedly when the accident occurred).

4)      George is also holding a doll’s head to show decapitation and perhaps to indicate that he is the "head" of the plot to tell the public about Paul..

5)   Paul has a pair of false teeth on his arm because the "false teeth" are on the "false Paul."    

When EMI saw the released cover of the album, they caught on to what the Beatles were trying to do and immediately recalled the album.  They demanded the Beatles pose for a re-shoot and forced the band to us that cover instead.  But Lennon and the boys had other ideas for that cover…

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