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A Collection of Beatles Oldies
Released: December 1966

Clues from the Cover:

1)      It appears as if the car traveling on the road towards the top middle of the album cover is an Aston Martin and seems to be heading off the road to decapitate the head of the shadowy figure.


2)      In “2001 A Space Odyssey,” HAL is the name of the super computer.  It has since been discovered, and speculated at the time of the release that the name was a secret jab at IBM.  By taking each letter of the giant computer corporation and going one letter back, I-B-M becomes H-A-L.  With that as background knowledge, look at the way the word “Oldies” is printed on the drum.  It is clearly supposed to stand out from the rest of the writing…Well, if you take the "O" and the "L" and follow the same “Space Odyssey” strategy, the "OL" becomes "PM."  And obviously, P and M are Paul McCartney’s initials.  So, when you look at it like that, the drum actually reads “PMdies,” or "PM dies", or actually, "Paul McCartney dies."


3)      Paul is dressed in black while the rest of the Beatles are wearing white on the back cover.  Clearly, black is the traditional color to represent death, and Paul is purposely shown as being different from the rest of the Beatles.

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